Aurea’s Healthy LED lighting can improve worker productivity, increase student alertness, enhance patient recovery, and even improve plant yields in indoor farms.  We do this while using far less energy than conventional LED lighting that attempts to achieve similar goals. 


Whereas the sun used to provide all the light we needed to stay alert and healthy, today most of us spend the day indoors in offices, manufacturing plants, retail outlets, or other commercial facilities.  Aurea’s Healthy Daytime LED Lighting ensures that workers get the right light exposure when they need it most, in order to increase alertness and productivity during the day and the ability to rest well at night.  And best of all, use of our lighting means that businesses not only provide a healthy work environment for their employees, but they can do so in an energy-efficient way.


Keeping students engaged and alert is an age-old problem.  Now, studies are showing that having the optimal daytime light spectrum in the school setting can increase concentration, analytical ability, and attentiveness.  With Aurea Healthy Daytime LED Lighting, schools can kick-start the day and support the learning environment with the right dose of light.



Too much blue light before bedtime or at night disrupts sleep patterns and the body’s natural circadian rhythm, which can lead to negative long-term health consequences due to the suppression of melatonin production.  Aurea’s Healthy Nighttime LED Lighting provides the right light stimulus at night, meaning that as night dawns, quality sleep comes quickly and occupants stay healthier overall.



As hospitals, assisted living, and other health care facilities aggressively try to meet sustainability goals with LED lighting, this solution can have unexpected consequences on patient health.  By using circadian friendly daytime or nighttime lighting, these facilities can now have the best of both worlds.  Our lighting ensures that patients are more alert during the day and rest better at night, supporting melatonin production and aiding the recovery process.  All while meeting their energy-efficiency goals.


Did you know that plants have circadian rhythms too?   Our solution (coming soon) senses when and what plants need and tunes the lights for optimal output. The source is blue LEDs, converted to create the perfect spectra for different plants at different stages of growth, all while maintaining energy efficiency.  The result is the perfect indoor farming conditions, leading to happier, healthier, higher yield plants.